My chat with old friend Barry Lynn was really nice. You can view it here. (It starts at 18:40 and goes for about an hour.) Barry asked me lots of questions –

  • How I managed to change from supporting far-rightist Goldwater to where I am now
  • What was it about the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago that “changed my life”
  • Did we really win amnesty back in 1977? (Yes and no…)
  • What’s the reality like now for veterans and active-duty soldiers?
  • How can we really win a ‘Green New Deal’?
  • What keeps me optimistic?

I really liked chatting with Barry, and hope you also might enjoyed “eavesdropping” on it.

Yesterday was good for me: a nice review of My Whirlwind Lives appeared in Veterans For Peace News.

Please feel free to pass these around if you know others who might enjoy them. I’ll also try to post them on my blog: Excerpts and blurbs of My Whirlwind Lives can also be accessed there, along with other stuff.

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