‘With Us or Against Us’ Fails appeared March 6 in Covert Action Magazine.

It tells the story of intense, Mafia-style US pressure tactics at the recent Munich Security Conference and the G20 meetings in India. In both places leaders of the Global South held their ground, saying “Our focus is on resolving the problem… not on shifting blame,” in the words of Namibia’s Prime Minister.

This article also gives a closeup of China’s plan for peace in Ukraine. It links to both the 12-point peace plan and the longer Global Security Initiative Concept Paper. And it details China’s frank and forceful ‘US Hegemony and its Perils’ position paper, which is an answer to the ongoing US campaign against China. There’s also a link to Code Pink’s excellent article, “Why Did Biden Snub China’s Peace Plan?”

Biden’s and Putin’s “anniversary speeches” are also covered, as are talks by Ray McGovern and Jeffrey Sachs at the UN Security Council, discussing Seymour Hersh’s exposé of the US destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. Finally, the article reports on antiwar mobilizations across Europe recently, and upcoming on March 18 in the USA.