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Real Peace – Not ‘Pax Americana’ – for the Middle East and Ukraine

Switching victim and aggressor is a favorite US tactic for justifying slaughter in efforts to maintain domination. Back in 1964 it was a “Vietnamese attack” on a US ship in the Gulf of Tonkin that “justified” what US Air Force General Curtis Lemay called “bombing them back to the Stone Age.” Years earlier the US Air Force bombed and destroyed all the cities and most towns in northern Korea. The endless mess caused by three decades of “endless war” helps to explain the problem facing Biden, Blinken, and their NATO allies, as well as Netanyahu. They have bitten off more than they can chew. As they face defeat in their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, they are dreaming of an easy solution of the Palestine/Israel conflict, one that would maintain the status quo ante, as if nothing serious has happened as a result of the current genocidal slaughter. It’s an impossible dream.


Traveling to Prove China Is Not Our Enemy

Traveling to Prove China Is Not Our EnemyBy Dee Knight, November 14, 2023 “China Is Not Our Enemy” was the theme of a ten-day visit to China in early November. The visit was designed to find and highlight a path to common prosperity and a shared future between...

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