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My review(s) of ‘The Destiny of Civilization’

The US/NATO confrontation with Russia in Ukraine is achieving just the opposite of America’s aim of preventing China, Russia and their allies from acting independently of U.S. control over their trade and investment policy… the Biden Administration’s plan was to split Russia away from China and then cripple China’s own military and economic viability. But the effect of American diplomacy has been to drive Russia and China together, joining with Iran, India and other allies.


Anti-Russian Propaganda Limits Peace Prospects

Ukraine’s current leadership and its U.S./NATO backers would like to avoid a settlement that reflects the demographic and historical reality of the country. But this is precisely one key issue that should guide negotiations for a peace agreement. A peace agreement reflecting Russia’s legitimate concerns (voiced for many months and years) would establish a viable basis of cooperation by Russia with Ukraine and with Europe.

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I have lived in New York City since 1974 (most of the time), except 1987 to 1990, when I lived and worked with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. I lived in Toronto, Canada, from August 1968 until August 1974. I graduated from high school in 1964, with a scholarship to study at the University of Oregon in Eugene, but instead I went to a Jesuit seminary in Los Gatos, California, where I lasted just four months — didn’t much like silent penitence or the prospect of lifelong celibacy! My six years in Canada form Chapter 3 in My Whirlwind Lives.

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