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Biden Travels East in Clouds of Mistrust

There’s a trust problem for the U.S. at all these global conferences. “Joe Biden comes to COP27 and makes new promises. He’s like a salesman selling goods with endless small print.” In Cambodia, “ASEAN leaders reiterated their strong ties with Beijing and issued a statement supporting One China, opposing independence for Taiwan.” And in Indonesia, the U.S. finds the G20 to be “a symbol of the transformation from the West having the only say to common governance across the globe…"


Robin DG Kelley’s Freedom Dreams

Robin DG Kelley, the noted African American history professor, came to Harlem in September to share insights from Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination. I was inspired to review this new 20th anniversary edition: click here to see it. It’s a tour de force,...

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I have lived in New York City since 1974 (most of the time), except 1987 to 1990, when I lived and worked with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. I lived in Toronto, Canada, from August 1968 until August 1974. I graduated from high school in 1964, with a scholarship to study at the University of Oregon in Eugene, but instead I went to a Jesuit seminary in Los Gatos, California, where I lasted just four months — didn’t much like silent penitence or the prospect of lifelong celibacy! My six years in Canada form Chapter 3 in My Whirlwind Lives.

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