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‘Dr. Strangelove is No Longer Satire’

Dr. Strangelove is No Longer Satire appeared in Covert Action Magazine March 1, 2023. A leader of Germany’s Left Party explains how the escalations in Ukraine “entail the greatest security threat to face the German population since the Second World...


Zero-Covid: ‘Breaking a Contract’ or Keeping a Promise?

Attacking China’s record on managing the Covid pandemic seems like a bad choice. While the recent protests do highlight people’s frustrations, the small size of the protests would suggest the general attitude of the majority has not changed much from a year ago: strong trust in their government.


Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball for a Global Economy

US sanctions on more than 40 countries are a “wrecking ball.” But they’re also a boomerang that is devastating Europe, and rapidly surging into the lives of people at home. High prices for gasoline, food and other necessities are the tip of an iceberg, or the headwinds of a hurricane. Much worse is headed our way. We need this book to understand what’s coming and get ready. We need the explanations and background, to really understand what’s happening, and we need the “Sanctions Kill Toolkit.”

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